Australian Health Manufacturers And Development Association Inc.

About Ahmada

forex bank ängelholm öppettider AHMADA’s Vision

1818662d3034dafdb3c624e790d6ed99 AHMADA’s vision is to emphasise our vital role in delivering cost effective and high quality medical devices and medicines.

köpa Viagra på online AHMADA is an association representing the large number of Australian mid-sized companies, innovating, developing and manufacturing local research and technology in the health sector. AHMADA will focus on significantly improving our position with the Australian Government reinforcing with them our role in taking research and development and delivering value to our societies, via the development, manufacture and selling products from this work. Reinforcing the importance of not just the R&D, but of its conversion to saleable product and the increased benefits regarding employment and skill development.

Research and Development AHMADA recognises that member companies are the foundation for converting Australian based research into products for international use, and furthering the creation of skills, expertise and employment. There is strong emphasis on capturing the inherent significance of Australian product development, and adding immense value to the work of Australian researchers.

source site AHMADA believes in continued product innovation across a wide spectrum of needs within Australian health and medical services, and the vital development of research concepts in Australia.

Promoting and Supporting Quality Medicines The Australian Health Manufacturers and Development Association is committed to the development and manufacture of high quality medical devices and medicines, reflecting the interests and needs of Governments, health practitioners and the general public. Members are committed to the quality development, manufacture and appropriate use and promotion of medicines and medical devices, providing;

  • assurance that medicines and medical devices are supported by comprehensive and current information and technical services which accurately, and in an unbiased way, reflect current medical knowledge;
  • ethical and professional means of interaction with the general public, health professionals and Government; and
  • compliance with the highest standards of manufacturing processes, and ongoing research and development.
  • release for supply and use in patients of devices and medicines that buy tastylia oral strips online no prescription absolutely meet current standards.


We recognise that medical devices and medication play a vital role in the lives of people, and our aim is to provide the highest standard of safety and quality to save and improve lives.